Cover Reveal for Fran Wilde’s Cloudbound and Updraft

We’re pleased to reveal the covers for Fran Wilde’s new novel, Cloudbound, plus the trade paperback edition of Wilde’s first novel, Updraft! Both covers are illustrated by Tommy Arnold, who perfectly captures the dynamic look of Wilde’s Bone Universe novels. Updraft introduced readers to a city above the clouds—and its secretive governing body—through the eyes of Kirit, a young woman chosen to become a Singer. Cloudbound returns to the towers of living bone—this time to tell the story of Nat Densira, who, along with Kirit Skyshouter, finds more in the grey expanse than he ever expected…

Cloudbound will be published in September 2016 by Tor Books. Check out both covers below!

Aritst Tommy Arnold was ecstatic to work on a tale that unfolds in the clouds:

“So often I use up-shots (low camera angles) to make the characters seem more heroic, and to pack in a bit more subject matter. After all, the only thing we miss out on seeing that way is a bit of the ground. These covers have been a real breath of fresh air because there is no ground. With everything beneath and nothing but more cloud above, I had a really natural excuse to play with dramatic high camera angles, trying to capture the world as the characters themselves experience it.”

Check out this great shot of Kirit in Arnold’s cover for Wilde’s previous book, Updraft:

Updraft Tommy Arnold Cover

And here’s a look at Nat on the full cover for Cloudbound:

Cloudbound Cover

Fran Wilde had previously worked with Arnold on her upcoming novella, The Jewel and Her Lapidary, but the covers for her Bone Universe books still startled her:

“The first time I saw the sketches for these covers, they literally took my breath away. Tommy Arnold dove deep into the text for descriptions of the wings, and he gave the city the dynamic layers that I’ve always seen in my mind. Even better, the characters on the cover are active and engaged with their settings — and they have so much power — while all around them, small details hint at secrets still to be discovered. That Tommy was able to do the art for Updraft‘s new iteration, while at the same time illustrating the first companion novel, Cloudbound, was such a gift… both for me and for fans of the Bone Universe. I’m looking into ways that I can expand this gift a little… stay tuned!”

Updraft and Cloudbound series covers

We can’t wait to see what they come up with for the the third volume from the Bone Universe!


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