Anyone Want to Take a Shower in Room 237?

The Shining is an iconic horror film for many reasons: Jack Nicholson’s performance, Shelley Duvall’s performance; Danny Lloyd’s performance; the horrible thing that befalls Scatman Crothers; the Arbus twins; the carpet pattern… OK, it’s an iconic horror film because of every single thing in it. But possibly the creepiest element in a deeply upsetting film is the bathroom of room 237. Now, if you know the film, you likely recognized the bathroom in the image above. But what if we told you that the thing you’re looking at is a shower curtain, and that you could buy one for your own home right over here?

Personally, we think this is an excellent opportunity for people to remodel their bathrooms to look just like Room 237’s, then hang the shower curtain up, and then watch as each successive house guest loses their grasp on reality. We’re guessing this will have special resonance for those of you in the Northeast, who may be feeling a bit like a caretaker trapped in a winter hellscape right now.

Don’t worry, we’re sure spring will return. You haven’t always been here. Have you?

[via Dangerous Minds!]



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