The Labyrinth “Reboot” Won’t Be a Remake

On Friday, we seemed poised to enter the weekend with some distressing news: The Hollywood Reporter announced that TriStar Pictures had closed a deal with The Jim Henson Company to produce “a new iteration” of the cult classic Labyrinth, with the screenplay written by Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Nicole Perlman. While THR demurred that it was unclear whether this would be a remake or sequel, the use of the term “reboot” across many headlines meant that anxiety spread along with the news. The timing of David Bowie’s passing didn’t help, either.

But this weekend, Perlman took to Twitter to clear things up. First off, the new Labyrinth will not be a reboot.

As io9 points out, the studios may still have made their decision in response to Bowie’s death, but that decision would not have been Perlman’s. The fact that she called the project “a continuation” seems to point toward sequel territory. Maybe she’ll draw inspiration from Toby Froud’s recent reenactment of “Magic Dance”?


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