Cover Reveal for Will McIntosh’s Faller

We’re pleased to reveal Jamie Stafford-Hill’s cover for Faller, Will McIntosh’s new sci-fi novel arriving this October from Tor Books. In the near future of Faller, reality has fragmented, causing people to lose their memory and scavenge their pasts for clues. McIntosh has described the book as drawing inspiration from some of his other works: “[I]t’s a bit like Defenders and Soft Apocalypse, if they were mashed together and dropped into an episode of Lost.” Check out the full cover image below, and learn more about the novel.

From the catalog copy for Faller:

Day One

No one can remember anything—who they are, family and friends, or even how to read. Reality has fragmented and Earth consists of islands of rock floating in an endless sky. Food, water, electricity—gone, except for what people can find, and they can’t find much.

Faller’s pockets contain tantalizing clues: a photo of himself and a woman he can’t remember, a toy soldier with a parachute, and a mysterious map drawn in blood. With only these materials as a guide, he makes a leap of faith from the edge of the world to find the woman and set things right.

He encounters other floating islands, impossible replicas of himself and others, and learns that one man hates him enough to take revenge for actions Faller can’t even remember.



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