Can We Get Ch-ch-change for a £20?

The tributes to David Bowie have poured all week, and so have the Bowie-related petitions. There’s a petition to name re-name Mars in honor of Bowie, or at least to name a new star after the beloved Starman. However, the most successful one of the lot is the petition to put him on the £20 banknote. This one already has over 17,000 supporters, and it’s gaining traction fast!

The Bank of England is actually planning to announce a new face for the note, and asked for nominations of non-living artists. While the polls technically closed a few months ago, the new petition makes a strong case for blowing the economy’s mind.

His music has sound-tracked important events in the lives of many of us. His visual art and sense of character brought a new combination of music, performance and imagery into mainstream culture. A 2002 poll of ‘100 Greatest Britons’ voted for by the public listed Bowie as number 29 which demonstrates the how celebrated and familiar he is to British people. There is no better person to be on the next £20 note.

Unlike in the US, where a surge in Alexander Hamilton’s popularity has sparked a movement to keep him on the $10, no one seems to be rushing to Adam Smith’s defense. Perhaps he needs a groundbreaking musical of his own? Of course, we’re guessing that the 40-year-long musical that was David Bowie’s life will still win out. You can sign the petition here!

[via NME!]


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