Good, But Needs More Pouches

As many of you probably know, on Sunday night Jon Hamm won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series, Drama, for Mad Men. Among the many people watching the fascinating trainwreck that was the Golden Globes Award ceremony, Rob Liefeld was touched by the hand of pure inspiration. Above you can see the result: John Hamm as Cable. And now that we’ve seen it, we have to admit that we would pay good money to watch Jon-Hamm-as-Cable lounge on a beach with Deadpool. Just think of it: Deadpool in perfect retro dresses and frilly gloves, striving to create the perfect Westchester home (but this is still Deadpool we’re talking about, so obviously he’s reading The Feminine Mystique and The Price of Salt on camera), while Cable spends his days in jetset Manhattan, landing clients, seducing secretaries, knocking back enough booze to kill a lesser mutant, living the life, yet why is there always such a haunted look in his eyes? (Er, just the one eye, sorry.) Both of them create a life that is so perfect to all outside observers, yet beneath the surface there seethes such an ocean of dissatisfaction and betrayal…

Huh. This started as a gag but now we want someone to make this.

[via Blastr!]


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