Firefly Online Nabs Original Cast, Has to Completely Rewrite Itself

We’ve actually known for a good long time about the coup that was convincing the original cast of Firefly to reprise their roles for the Firefly Online role-playing game. But io9’s recent interview with Spark Plug Games CEO John O’Neill sheds some light on why the game hasn’t come out yet, and the downside of the good news about the cast: It turns out that O’Neill and the development team had initially planned out a game that took place in the ’Verse but didn’t include any of the Fox series’ original characters. Once the cast came on board and there were nine ten (never count out Serenity) characters to incorporate, they had to throw everything out.

Obviously this is great news, O’Neill told io9: “[W]ho wouldn’t want to be around Malcolm Reynolds [and] get on his bad side?” But it’s a bit of a double-sided Operative sword, because it also means plenty more delays as the team figures out which features (that fans have already glimpsed in updates from 2013 and 2014) to keep and which to scrap. And with them returning to the drawing board, they don’t want to create more whiplash: “[W]e don’t want to let the fans down by saying something that’s wrong again,” O’Neill said. “It’s frustrating. We feel a very strong responsibility to make sure that any information going forward is accurate and doesn’t change.”

Any updates that do come will be found on Firefly Online‘s website, which takes after the show’s most enduring catchphrase: “Keep flying.”


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