‘Cause the Wookiees Gonna Raarghh! Raarghh! Raarghh! Raarghh! Raarghh!

Star Wars mashups are among our favorite things in the galaxy, and these album covers are some of the best, most detailed mashups we’ve ever seen! Princess Leia’s homage to T. Swift gets the top spot, but if you click through you’ll see tributes to AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, and Nirvana!

Ummm….what are they trying to tell us about the state of their relationship?


Fleetwood Mac parody

This may be the single best cover of the roundup:


This one posits a Maximum Overdrive spoof with sentient AT-ATs:


Have you heard Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes’ work with Dylan, though?


If you want to feel ancient, Google how old this baby Yoda is today.


You can see the rest of the album covers over at Pleated Jeans!


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