Chewbacca Watches Kylo Ren Grow Up

Tyson Murphy, the Lead Character artist at Blizzard Entertainment, decided to break all of our hearts over the weekend when he posted this bittersweet comic on his Tumblr. It tells the story of Kylo Ren’s turn to the Dark Side through a particularly sad lens… You can check out the whole strip below, but beware of (A) spoilers for The Force Awakens, and (B) all the sadness in the galaxy.

Chewie and Kylo Ren by Tyson Murphy

Ohhh, this is a tough one to take. Much like Brian Kesinger’s Calvin & Hobbes/Star Wars mashups, Murphy’s work goes back to the innocence of childhood to mine some real emotion for this heartbreaking strip. (Could it be that people are tapping into their own memories of encountering the Star Wars Universe for the first time?) I especially love the way the comic ends just before Chewbacca takes his shot. It extends that moment of Chewie’s anger and sorrow beautifully, and gives the whole relationship a weight and resonance that would have made The Force Awakens an even stronger film.

[via Screenrant!]


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