Kylo Ren Explores Starkiller Base With His Imaginary Friend!

Artist Brian Kesinger taps into a whole other vein of nostalgia with his The Force Awakens fan art in the style of Calvin & Hobbes! We’ve already seen some touching Kylo Ren and Darth Vader art, but Besinger, a story artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios and an artist on Marvel Comics’ Groot, really gets us in the feels. And because Bill Watterson’s series has provided us with so many iconic images, Kesinger didn’t stop there.

In fact, he was first inspired to draw this series of mashups by the moment in The Force Awakens when Rey and BB-8 go sledding down a sand dune:

Star Wars The Force Awakens Calvin & Hobbes mashup

Art by Brian Kesinger

And of course all this action wouldn’t be possible without Spaceman Finn!

The Force Awakens Calvin & Hobbes mashup art

Art by Brian Kesinger

Check out more Calvin & Hobbes homages, plus Kesinger’s other excellent work, on his Instagram.

via BuzzFeed


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