For David Bowie’s Birthday, Here Are Some of Your Favorite Characters As Aladdin Sane

Everybody loves David Bowie’s iconic Aladdin Sane album cover–it’s such a simple depiction of other-worldliness, a perfect encapsulation of the hold Bowie has on pop culture. That’s why it’s such fun to emulate and imitate–so for his birthday, we thought we’d gather some examples of our favorite characters putting on their best lightning bolt.

Harry up there is a given, of course.

With those laser eyes, Cyclops is a darned good candidate for Bowie-fying:

Cyclops Aladdin Sane by uwedewitt2010


Then there’s the Eleventh Doctor (by southfellini), which we imagine comes down to Matt Smith’s perfect bone structure:

Doctor Who Aladdin Sane by southfellini


Disney’s Aladdin by eruparo is living up to his name:

Disney Aladdin, Aladdin Sane by eruparo


Then there’s Butcher Billy’s rendering of Peter Parker’s alter ego:

Peter Parker Aladdin Sane by Butcher Billy


The necessary Grumpy Cat version for the internet to feast on:

Grumpy Cat Aladdin Sane by Olechka Design


And Sherlock. Oh, Sherlock. Plus the Tumblr commentary on this one is A++:

Sherlock Aladdin Sane by barachiki


Our favorite superhero one has to be this gorgeous depiction of Dick Grayson in his Discowing uniform. We have Kevin Wada to thank for this one… and we will thank him, constantly, every day for such beauty:

Dick Grayson Aladdin Sane by Kevin Wada


Of course, we finish on the true “Rebel Rebel,” our lady Organa. There is more than one version of Leia like this, but we love her jacket and tattoo in this particular one from Green Devil Artwork:




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