Celebrate Star Trek‘s 50th Anniversary with Every Letter You Send!

The United States Postal Service is joining in the Star Trek 50th Anniversary celebrations with a series of commemorative stamps! Designed by Heads of State under the art direction of Antonio Alcalá, the stamps each highlight an iconic image from the show, and feature the words “SPACE… THE FINAL FRONTIER” – even though presumably they’ll be staying on Earth for the most part. Check out all of the four stamps below!

Here’s the Starship Enterprise in a Starfleet insignia, with a gold background:

Star Trek Stamp 1


And this fantastic image of a crewman in a transporter, just beginning to dissolve, but…with a red background? Maybe they should have avoided red?

Star Trek Stamp Red


Here’s the Starship Enterprise, from above, with a wonderfully retro green background:



And finally, our favorite: the Enterprise, soaring through a Vulcan salute, with a blue background:



USPS is debuting a lot of cool stamps for 2016 (even a”Pluto-Explored!” stamp to update 1991’s “Pluto: Not Yet Explored”) but the Star Trek commemorative series is our favorite example of taking a a beloved piece of culture and spinning it into a new type of unexpected art. Check out the full roster here!


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