We’ll Ride Merry and Chrome to the Gates of the North Pole!

Person of Pinterest Tiltwhirlbirdie shared this fantastic dystopian holiday image! A whole new holiday tradition is unpooling our heads: Mad Max hooked to the front of the sleigh, guiding it through sandstorms with his face mask so bright, Nux, the Warboy who just wants to be a dentist, Furiosa, leading the Citadel of Misfit Irradiated Mutants to a brighter future… we hesitate to imagine what sort of gifts Immortan Santa would bestow on post-apocalyptic children (Ammunition? Water… but never enough water?) but Santa is kind of a jerk in most of those Rankin-Bass specials, so at least the casting works.

Huh. Did we just write a new classic Christmas special?

[via Pinterest!]

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