Introducing the True Star of The Force Awakens

You’re going to be shocked by this, but we here at com are pretty excited about the new Star Wars movie. By far one of the best bits of the feverish anticipation of The Force Awakens has been following Carrie Fisher’s hilarious press appearances, and one of the best parts of that has been the breakout stardom of Carrie Fisher’s companion Gary, The Greatest French Bulldog Of All Time. Here, you can see him as an action figure, which is clearly something that needs to happen immediately. But that’s just the beginning: delve further into his Twitter and Instagram accounts, and you’ll find a goldmine for those of us who love the intersection of Star Wars references and adorable animals.

Here’s Gary standing guard while his mom settles accounts with a certain villainous Hutt:

Gary vs. Jabba

And here he is in a scandalous make-out session with Oscar Isaac:

Gary and Oscar

And finally, here he is rocking a familiar hairstyle!

Gary's New Hairstyle

If the third film in the new trilogy features, say, a moon? And it’s populated by French Bulldogs? Who unite to defeat The First Order? And Gary’s their leader? We’ll be completely OK with that. Your move, Rian Johnson.


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