We’re Ready To Call the New Ghostbusters!

Gaze into the first official image of the new Ghostbusters! This image was posted to Twitter by @protoncharging, and to say we’re excited about this shot is to understate significantly. We are filled with glee beyond the capacity for rational thought. Look how BOSS they all look in those jumpsuits! Look at that awesome green mist! Look at…look at that fantastic Art Deco lobby! Are they about to go bust ghosts, or are they just coming from busting ghosts? Wait, does the fact that this green mist is vaguely Slimer-colored mean that we’re getting Slimer back, too? But more importantly, when are we getting a trailer? We’d like a trailer now, please.

And as if getting see the new Ghostbusters wasn’t a great enough surprise today, the OG Ghostbusters are being inducted into the National Film Registry! Everything’s coming up ectoplasm!

[via io9!]


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