Get Ready for Our Phantasy Star II Replay!

Dig out those old Sega cartridges, gamers! (Or Playstation/XBox Store files, or emulator ROMs, or bookmarked Sega archive sites, or…) Starting on Monday, December 21st, author Peter Tieryas will be replaying the classic RPG Phantasy Star II here on!

Peter previously went seriously in-depth on Chrono Trigger here on the site, so we’re super excited to have him back. Peter will be arguing why Phantasy Star II is one of the best RPGs of the 16-bit era, and why it’s so unique in choosing to begin its story after everything in its fantasy world has been “fixed.”

Let’s play from the beginning to the tragedy imposed upon Neifirst. We’ll check back with each other on Part 1 of the replay, starting at 11 AM EST on Monday, December 21st. (That page won’t be live until 11 AM that day, FYI.)

Amy Phantasy Star 2

That’s harsh, Amy. Harsh.


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