Chinese Trailer for The Force Awakens Brings Even More New Footage

We are a week away from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so of course another trailer drops with some new footage. Now, you could ignore it and be fine come next week; it’s nothing groundbreaking or spoilery. But it’s just tantalizing enough that watching it will get you revved up. Also, you want the mental image of BB-8 bouncing around the Millennium Falcon.

The Force Awakens trailer new footage Chinese

The new trailer both adds details to preexisting scenes and throws in a few entirely new shots. We get more of Kylo Ren talking to Darth Vader’s charred helmet, and discover that BB-8’s origin is “classified,” hmmm. Then there’s entirely new shots of Han talking to the Falcon, Poe Dameron calling out to Red Squad and Blue Squad, the First Order looking all menacing, the Falcon making a crash landing in the snow, and… Stormtroopers with cool, lightsaber-resistant swords??

The Force Awakens trailer new footage Chinese

This is the sharpest version of the trailer online, and comes with a brief introduction from K-pop performer Lu Han; skip the first 15 seconds and enjoy the trailer:

December 18! Or December 17 for those going to midnight screenings, like us.


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