Check out the Special Leatherbound Edition of Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris!

The leatherbound tenth anniversary edition of Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris is here! To celebrate a decade of Sanderson novels, his first is being rereleased in multiple print formats—one of which is the leatherbound edition he posted on his blog earlier this week. In addition to the hardcover and trade paperback versions, the text is now the canon version, with some small copyedits and continuity fixes. But what the leatherbound edition also features (aside from the aforementioned binding with the Aon stamped in silver on the cover) are plenty of gorgeous illustrations and inserts, including colored endpapers, a Michael Whelan painting, and new maps.

When he first announced the tenth anniversary edition in October, Sanderson included a heartfelt message for his readers:

I leave you with my deepest thanks. My life is a whole lot more chaotic now than it was ten years ago, and that is because of your enthusiasm and support. I’m having a blast with this, loving every minute. Thank you for ten incredible, mind-blowing years. I can’t wait to show you what’s coming for both the Cosmere and other Sanderson realms in the next ten.

This leatherbound edition seems to tap into that same nostalgia: Colored endpapers and full-color inserts show off some of Sanderson’s favorite covers from around the world; new maps and a two-tone text (with blue highlights for the chapters) add extra details. The edition will also include Whelan’s painting Passage: Verge, which Sanderson has cited as part of his inspiration in writing Elantris.

Elantris Brandon Sanderson leatherbound edition tenth anniversary

While this isn’t a limited edition, Sanderson will be hand-signing and numbering the first 50 books, which he’s sent out to various independent bookstores across the country. Depending on popularity, he says, he hopes to release leatherbound editions of Mistborn: The Final EmpireThe Well of AscensionThe Hero of Ages, and Warbreaker over the next few years, and perhaps also The Stormlight Archive in the future. If you have questions about buying the book, consult the mini-FAQ on his site.


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