NOS4A2 Is Coming to Feast on the Souls of TV Viewers!

Soon Preacher and The Walking Dead won’t be the only dark fantasies on AMC! Deadline is reporting that Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 will be adapted into a series by Michael Eisner’s production company! The show is currently looking for writers, and we have no news on casting yet, but given AMC’s track record, this should make for a compelling show. NOS4A2 is the story of Vic McQueen, a woman who can find anything. But as with Hill’s novel Horns, this supernatural talent is slowly destroying McQueen’s life. She begins looking for help but instead finds Charlie Manx, a would-be immortal who feasts on the souls of children while tooling around the country in a 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith. If you guessed that his license plate reads NOS4A2, and that his latest victim is McQueen’s young son, well, we have nothing to give you, but you’re correct.

NOS4A2 is the latest Hill work to be adapted to the screen: Alex Aja adapted Horns into a 2014 feature with Daniel Radcliffe; Heart Shaped Box is currently being developed at Warner Bros., and Locke & Key will possibly come to a TV near you soon. Hill’s fourth novel, The Fireman, will come out next May! In the meantime, who do you see as Vic and Charlie Manx?



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