HBO Teases Game of Thrones Season 6: “They Have No Idea What’s Going to Happen”

Less than two weeks after HBO shared a very revealing poster for Game of Thrones season 6, the network has released the first teaser trailer for season 6 of the series. But, just as with the poster that hints at a certain character’s fate without really saying anything, HBO is playing its cards close to its chest on this one.

The 40-second teaser is mostly footage from the prior five seasons, showing major characters’ big moments: Ned Stark’s execution, the Red Wedding, Jaime getting his hand cut off, the White Walkers, and, of course, Jon Snow getting cut down. Not surprisingly, the new stuff is about Bran Stark, who was noticeably absent last season. We hear the Three-Eyed Raven (Max von Sydow) intone, “We watch, we listen, and we remember. The past is already written. The ink is dry.”

Cut to Bran’s warg eyes! And to him saying, “They have no idea what’s going to happen.” Way to tease us, HBO, now that the show has lined up with (and will outpace) the Song of Ice and Fire books.

Get ready for some new ink to write the future sometime in April.

via Entertainment Weekly


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