Push the Button, Patton!

We have (another) Mad! In a wonderful merging of my theory and the AV Club’s, that last “Patton Oswalt-shaped” silhouette on the MST3K Kickstarter page has indeed been filled with Patton Oswalt…but he’s going to be TV’s Frank’s son! Or, to call him by his proper moniker: TV’s Son of TV’s Frank!

Will he bubble over with Frank-esque enthusiasm? Or will he be sullen, forced to follow in his old man’s henchman footsteps?

Imagine: we’re living in a world where Mystery Science Theater 3000 can not only come back to us like some sort of Indestructible Man, but can also afford to pay real actors. These are strange times, my friends. Oh, and in case you want to see what it looks like when Joel Hodgson offers you a job, here you go:

Joel Hodgson and Patton Oswalt

First, this is the best possible answer to this job offer. Second, please do a Very Special Father’s Day Episode with TV’s Frank and Dr. Forrester? Please?

[via Splitsider!]


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