MST3K Has Gained a New Mad Scientist!

We have a Mad! Yesterday, Joel Hodgson officially announced that Felicia Day would be joining the new MST3K as a Mad Scientist named Kinga Forrester, which makes her Dr. Clayton Forrester’s daughter, which raises a whole lot of questions I am not planning to ask. But a new Mad! Plus, we have new voices for Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot, Baron Vaughn and Hampton Yount. Both are stand-ups who were recommended to Hodgson by new host, Jonah Ray. So, there remains but one shadowy outline to fill! And while the AV Club said that this outline was, and I quote, “Patton Oswalt-shaped” I would like to put forward that it is also a bit TV’s Frank-shaped, no? Look at that fluffy hair! Could it be? Will the new MST3K turn its crank to Frank? Head over to the Kickstarter to see Hodgson welcome Felicia Day into the fold.


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