This Improved Katniss is Ready to Serve as Tribute

California-based artist Noel Cruz does extraordinary work with dolls! Where celebrity likenesses are normally an eerie trip into an uncanny valley, Cruz is able to touch them up until they look considerably more like their subjects. While he does real people like Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe, our favorites are Hunger Games characters and Disney anti-heroines!

Here’s a Peet to go with the improved Katniss:

Peeta by Noel Cruz

And here’s Cruz’ Jolie-fied Maleficent!
Maleficent by Noel Cruz

We love how he changed the eyes to reflect the eerier live-action version. And how much paint did he use trying to perfect those cheekbones? You can see more of Cruz’ work over at Deviantart!




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