This Fluffy Neko Suit Will Take Your Cat Cuddling Game to the Next Level

We all know that cats are fickle creatures; if you try to chase them down or entice them for a cuddle, they’ll definitely plant themselves on the farthest possible point from your lap. But perhaps these aloof felines can be tricked! That’s why Japanese apparel company Unihabitat created the Mewgaroo Jumpsuit, right? While it resembles the animal-themed onesies that have come into fashion in the past few years, it has an important extra feature: A pouch to carry your cat in!

Yep—Unihabitat heard you like neko (the Japanese word for “cat(s)”), so it made you a neko suit to put your neko in. Buy them in bulk, and you and your friends can have cat slumber parties! Your kitteh will be so happy and warm and will probably do this:

Or it will look horrified like the black cat in the top photo, and try to claw you through layers of fleecy onesie on its way out. If all else fails, you’ll be all warm and fluffy while you play Neko Atsume!

via Kotaku


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