David Bowie’s New “★” Video Puts Him Back in a Fantasy World!

Did you by any chance think that David Bowie was slowing down? Did you think, perhaps, that the natural effects of age (not to mention a heart condition) were any match for his sheer Bowie-ness? The new video for”★” (“Blackstar”), the title track from his forthcoming album, is an exhilarating mashup of Thriller, Pan’s Labyrinth, Day of the Dead imagery, and a trio of crucified scarecrows, that will completely dispel any rumors that Bowie is subject to the illusion humans call “time.”

Wait a minute… is that lost astronaut anyone we know?

Or course, it could be that this is all just weirdness for its own sake, and that Bowie is laughing at us…

David Bowie is mocking us

But we prefer to believe that Bowie is the Monolith, come to take humanity into its next evolution. He will celebrate his 69th birthday on January 8th by transmitting “★” to the inhabitants of Earth.

[via Rolling Stone]





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