I Am a Rocket. Please Read My Newsletter.


I am a rocket and as a rocket I encounter many interesting things throughout the cosmos. Stars that sing gentle lullabies to their orbiting planets. Lifeforms made entirely out of semantic arguments. Game of Thrones.

The weirdos who crawl around inside of me write about these things many times per day, and a lifetime spent fleeing the random deathtraps I place in their living quarters has made them, well…funny. And prone to reflection in the oddest moments.

Every Thursday I collect their reflections into a handy, single-page newsletter and email it out across the universe. This digest contains original fiction, pop culture commentary, and sometimes free book offers that aren’t available anywhere else.

Would you like to receive this weekly newsletter email? All you need to do is sign up here with your email address. That’s all.

I am a rocket.

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