Selfies with a Sith Lord!

When photographer Paweł Kadysz finished his personal photo-a-day project, he decided he need to explore the inner life of a more sinister figure. Thus, Darth Vader’s daily photo project was born! Now he snaps photos of Vader brushing his teeth, grabbing groceries, and hiking through pristine woods, opening a whole new view on this complicated character. Check out more of the shots below!

It’s good to see that despite all of his mechanical parts, Darth Vader still understands the importance of fresh fruits and veggies.

Vader groceries

Here’s Lord Vader enjoying a late autumn hike through the woods:

Vader hiking


Vader cereal

We don’t think we need the book, Vader. You’ve been ruling for a long time.

Vader How to Rule

Kadysz intends to continue documenting the Sith Lord’s quotidian existence until the premiere of The Force Awakens next month – check in with him here!


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