Watch Famous Scientists Battle Zombies and Their Scientific Rivals in Super Science Friends!

What happens when you assemble some of the greatest scientific minds of our time, add in a healthy dose of radiation/Chemical X/God knows what, then send them back in time? They become the Super Science Friends! Which is also the name of a wonderfully batty animated series from Brett Jubinville and Tinman Creative Studios. Successfully Kickstarted in 2014, Super Science Friends! has released its first episode for your viewing pleasure! (But be warned: In addition to being “just the right amount of smart, just the right amount of stupid,” as the studio boasts, it’s also a bit NSFW.)

What makes this cheeky series, which has shades of Clone High, so fun is that each of the super-scientists has a power related to his/her field: Nikola Tesla can control electricity, Marie Curie can heal others with radiation (but every time she does, she gets more exposed to it—no, you’re crying), Charles Darwin can turn into animals, and Albert Einstein—well, the clone of him—has super-speed. No one’s really sure why Sigmund Freud is there, but you can blame Winston Churchill for that. Yes, Churchill is the one who assembles the Super Science Friends, which also includes the Mesopotamian chemist Tapputi and Z3, the supercomputer unearthed in the wreckage of Nazi destruction.

In addition to fending off the aforementioned zombies, Nazis, and whoever’s taking away all the apples in the 1600s, the Super Science Friends must also grapple with their personal archenemies. Yep, that means a Tesla/Edison smackdown is imminent. Super Science Friends! looks really batty but also slyly funny, so check out Episode 1:

Keep up with the series on the official Facebook page!

via Gizmodo


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