Alien vs. Pam Grier? Our Money’s on Grier

If there’s one thing we here at love, it’s dreamcasting movies, And if there’s one thing we love even more, it’s dreamcasting movies while ignoring the bonds of space, time, and mortality. In this spirit, we’ve shared genre films recast with Golden Age Hollywood stars before. Now Peter Stults’ fantastic series What if: Movies Re-Imagined gives us a whole new line-up of genre/star mashups! And some of these are truly inspired. Pam Grier as Ellen Ripley? Grier is probably the only woman in history who could give Sigourney Weaver a horrifying air vent run for her money in that role. Stults also works with some seriously deep Hollywood benches, and we want to see every single one of these casts at work.

Here’s the full recast of Alien featuring the biggest African-American stars of 70’s film! Imagine if Scatman Crothers went straight from this to The Shining?

Alien Reimagined, Full

Now we’re not going to say that this would have been a better Hobbit…ah, screw it. Yes we are. This would have been a GREAT Hobbit. We get David Bowie in the role he was born to play, and we get to keep Ian Holm! Now if only they’d found a way to make it a duology…

The hobbit Reimagined

This recast of Avengers: Age of Ultron gets extra points for its deliriously deep casting. Dick Purcell??? Buster Crabbe??? This would be amazing.

Age of Ultron Reimagined

We love everything Vincent Price ever did, and this…well, we can just imagine the heights of creepiness and depth of pathos he would have created in the role of Johnny Smith.

Dead Zone Reimagined

Finally, well, Guardians of the Galaxy was a cosmic love letter to the 80s, so who better to star than Thriller-era Michael Jackson? Arnold Schwarzenegger is maybe a little on-the-nose as Drax, but the additions of Vanity and Christopher Lambert just make this. And Andy Warhol as The Collector is such a great gag we want to hug it. We do have one question though: who’s playing Groot?

GOTG Reimagined

You can check out more of Stults’ movie posters (plus his non-movie-related art) over on his Behance page!


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