We’ve Found the Best Possible Setting for Star Wars: Episode VIII!

We’ve seen monsters added to thrift store paintings, and star wars in every day life, but this, this is some next level painting improvement. Artist Jeff Bennett has taken the cloying masterworks of Painter of Light Tee Emm Thomas Kinkade and inserted Star Wars images! But not just any Star Wars images—he’s created a unique world in which the glowing vistas and cozy cottages of Kinkade are invaded by the Imperial Stormtroopers, Dewbacks, and the occasional Rancor. The effect is startlingly organic… almost as though these icons of kitsch were crying out to be added to the larger Star Wars Universe.

Now we realize that actually using Thomas Kinkade paintings as a basis for Star Wars: Episode VIII sounds silly, but just look at the contrast between these bucolic scenes and the Empire’s brutality! Here a Star Destroyer looms ominously behind a rustic chalet.

Jeff Bennett Wars on Kinkade

Do these Stormtrooper live here? Or are they searching this lovely cottage for Rebel scum? We’d kind of prefer to think that these two troopers bought this cottage as their dream home, and they come out and garden on the weekends with plans to retire and breed Dewbacks…

Jeff Bennett Wars on Kinkade

Hmmm…this Kinkadian made a good call by purchasing a watch Rancor. The Stormtroopers barely got the picket gate open.

Jeff Bennett Wars on Kinkade

But this one has to be our favorite, both because it’s an excellent insertion of Stormtroopers into a cheesy painting, and it satisfies our yearning to watch a Kinkade painting burn.

Jeff Bennett Wars on Kinkade

Imagine how powerful it would be if the First Order invaded all this impressionistic beauty. Jeff Bennett’s series is called Wars on Kinkade, and you can see the whole series on his DeviantArt page!

[via Flavorwire!]


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