Kylo Ren isn’t Luke, He’s John Boyega!

Is it just us, or is John Boyega the greatest addition to the Star Wars Universe? Yes, we’re willing to admit that with his latest Instagram post, he has toppled the might BB-8 from his sanctified position as our Favorite New Cast Member Because, you see, Boyega spent his Sunday dressed as Kylo Ren, practicing lightsaber moves in his apartment. Like you do. Click through for a thrilling action sequence!

Boyega posted the video to Instagram, where it shares a place with some adorable fan encounters, but we really liked this version because of the appropriate soundtrack. This past weekend was a cavalcade of Star Wars news, between the new Japanese trailer, the TV spot, and a new interview with J.J. Abrams, but this has to be the most enchanting preview we’ve seen yet. Plus, could this mean that Finn has lightsaber training for the film? Or is he just getting ready for Episode VIII?


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