The Sherlock Coloring Book is a Three-Crayon Problem!

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. They’re an elegant way to relive one of your favorite childhood activities. They’re a Zen activity to do while watching Netflix. And they’re a fun way to play in the world of your favorite TV series during the interminable wait of a hiatus. We recently got our hands on Sherlock: The Mind Palace (out now from HarperCollins) and spent some time oohing and ahhing (and occasionally WTFing) over the bonkers, incredibly detailed scenes from the BBC series that are just waiting for a spot of color.

The title is apt, since one of the two-page spreads depicts Sherlock’s mind palace—well, the courtroom manifestation of it—utilized in “The Sign of Three.” Other pages let you color in the grooves in Sherlock’s grave as well as the angles of Benedict Cumberbatch’s magnificent cheekbones. And there’s two pages devoted to the repetition of Irene Adler’s I AM SHERLOCKED phone screen—we suggest switching up the color scheme on each for an Andy Warhol-effect.

But our favorites were the ones that depicted incredibly specific moments in the series, and that gave us lots of opportunities for intricate coloring, like the above shot from “The Reichenbach Fall.” Check out some others below, and click to enlarge!

Sherlock: The Mind Palace coloring book pages

This is such a random scene to include: John trying to wrap his head around Sherlock being engaged in “His Last Vow.” Plus, the apartment at Baker Street has so many random details, that you could have a lot of fun filling all of them in.

And how an anyone resist Moriarty in his full Crown Jewels getup?

Sherlock: The Mind Palace coloring book pages

See how trippy others have gone with their coloring:

Did we mention that we’re giving away three copies? Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a date with a Crayola 64-crayon box.


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