Oh No No No, Deadpool Went Trick or Treating With Kids

How did Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool spend Halloween? Assembling a “school of not-so-gifted youngsters,” according to Ryan Reynolds’ tweet. The actor had teased a photo of him wrangling a crew of pint-sized X-Men a few days prior; now, we get to see the (NSFW) way he did it, in a teaser video for the Deadpool movie.

This is as close as we’re likely to see Deadpool come up against the X-Men, barring any surprise cameos in the film. They do love joking about Reynolds’ other superhero movie: When baby Mystique asks, “Weren’t you Green Lantern?” she gets back, “What does this suit look like to you? Does it look like a leprechaun had sex with a cartoonist?” Then he gives her a knife.

L’il Wolverine gets in a nice dig back at Reynolds, though. Nice going, kid.


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