Believe It or Not, We’re Getting a Greatest American Hero Remake?

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who have so far revived 21 Jump Street and brought surprising emotional depth to The LEGO Movie, as well as producing Last Man On Earth, are now working on a new Greatest American Hero series! Rick Famuyiwa, the writer-director of Dope, Brown Sugar, and The Wood, will write and direct the show. For those who either don’t remember or weren’t yet alive at the time, Greatest American Hero is the story of an ordinary man who comes into the possession of a supersuit, and has to become a hero even though he really doesn’t want to. It also featured the greatest theme song this side of Pumaman. We’re not sure if this show will have anything new and vital to say about the act of superhero-ing, given our oversaturated television landscape, but having a more overtly comedic tone could actually be a nice change…will the show walk on air? Or land with a thud?

[via Deadline!]



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