This New Trailer For the Original Star Wars Trilogy Reminds Us Why We Love Luke!

You see a link that says “The Original Star Wars Trilogy Finally Gets a Good Trailer, Force Awakens-Style” and you think, “Oh, that could be cool,” so you click on it and then the trailer starts and suddenly you’re wiping tears out of your eyes in front of The Force and everybody.

This is, truly, the trailer the Original Trilogy deserved.


Medley Weaver uses the moodiness of The Force Awakens trailer to distill the emotional journey of the original Trilogy into a few minutes of yearning and pain. By centering the trailer on Luke’s desire to know his father, and Obi Wan’s regrets, the core of the films comes into the foreground, and reminds us why we loved these movies in the first place.

[via The Mary Sue!]





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