IKEA Creates Plush Toys from Kids’ Wild Imaginations!

We are loving this trend of kids’ bonkers drawings crossing over into tangible, real-life objects. Instead of being told that doodling is a waste of time or that their drawings don’t match the real world, kids get to see their designs turned into actual plush toys. (Or, in the case of one doting dad, those doodles become lifelong tattoos.)

IKEA is the latest to take part in this trend; it’s part of their Soft Toys for Education program with UNICEF, in which the purchase of each toy donates $1 to schools around the world. We have to say, the timing is very appropriate for Halloween, as the latest batch includes a bat and more than one adorable monster.

We’re particular fans of the little green dinosaur with a jaunty hat…

IKEA plush toys kids drawings dinosaur

…this rainbow-colored alligator creature…

IKEA plush toys kids drawings alligator

…and this one-eyed blob dude:

IKEA plush toys kids drawings

They’re just so cuddly! You can check out more drawings brought to life from artist Wendy Tsao and entrepreneur Alex Furmansky.


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