Deborah Ann Woll Adds Extra D&D To Daredevil!

You know what’s great about the Netflix pocket of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Each time we think we love Daredevil (and what we’ve seen of Jessica Jones) as much as we possibly can, the people behind those shows find a way to make us love them even more. We already thought Deborah Ann Woll was swell, but apparently she’s a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast, which levels her up in our eyes. And as if that wasn’t cool enough, she has a habit of assigning D&D characters to her costars. Tumblr-er sigridellis found this wonderful footage of Woll giving Charlie Cox his character, in gif format!





But wait, what is Foggy? We’re thinking a Human Bard? That way there’s still some distance between him and his Half-Elf BFF. That could cause some emotional drama later, and there’s nothing we love more than emotional Matt ‘n’ Foggy drama. But Fisk? What should Fisk be?  Oooh, maybe a Paladin of Slaughter (ridiculous as that is) because then he and Matt could even mirror each other in gaming terms! And Claire Temple could obviously be a Cleric with lots of healing abilities. But maybe she’d want to be something totally different? Maybe Claire’s a Half-Orc! What about Vanessa? Oh, this may take some time. Can we please get a D&D episode of Daredevil, please?  We have questions that need answers. And in the meantime, here’s an interview in which Woll rhapsodizes about her first time DMing.



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