Mistborn Novel Shadows of Self Debuts on the New York Times Bestseller List!

Congratulations to Brandon Sanderson and his team on debuting at #8 on the Hardcover Fiction New York Times Bestseller List with the latest installment in the Mistborn series: Shadows of Self!

As Mistborn fans have since discovered, Shadows of Self marries the Ol’ West shenanigans of The Alloy of Law with the deep worldbuilding of Sanderson’s initial Mistborn trilogy, resulting in some surprising new implications for the continued evolution of the world and magic depicted in Sanderson’s Mistborn books.

Those implications will be explored in the next Mistborn novel The Bands of Mourning, coming out soon on January 26, 2016. Don’t believe us? Here’s a sneak peek to prove it!

But only just a peek…for now.

“Lord Ladrian, could another Feruchemist use your metalminds?”

“Of course not,” Wax said. “Everyone knows that.”


Good question, mystery question-asker. Good question…


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