DC Conquers Another Medium: Shadow Puppets!

One of the best things about the merging of “high” and “low” culture is seeing pop heroes turn up in traditional art forms, and we’ve found a lovely example today! Wayang kulit are Indonesian shadow puppets. They’re usually made of leather, and often used to tell stories from the Ramayana or Mahabharata. These Wayang kulit, made by Fusion Wayang Kulit, has been made from a comics icons, and is being used to tell the tales of Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash. Above, Batman stalks the night with a highly stylized bat-dragon hybrid!

Plus, Wonder Woman wielding her Lasso and riding the Jentayu, or phoenix, into battle.

Wayang Kulit Wonder Woman

And the Flash doesn’t have a mythical sidekick, but he does have a giant bolt of lightning:

Wayang Kulit Flash

You can see more of the Wayang Kulit over at the group’s Facebook page!

[via BoingBoing!]



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