Karen Gillan’s Conventional Takes Us Into the Dark Heart of A Scream Queen

You know how Galaxy Quest dealt with conventions in a hilarious way? And how Con Man acts as a meta commentary on fame (and Firefly) while also being, at times, sweet and funny? Yeah, Conventional isn’t that. Conventional is a bleak, moving look at the post-fame life of Rachel Milligan, one-time scream queen, created by Karen Gillan, and you should probably drop everything and watch it.

Karen Gillan made Conventional for a collective called Fun Size Horror, whose aim is to provide genre lovers with the cinematic equivalent of a bag of year-round Halloween candy, while also allowing emerging filmmakers to experiment and find an audience. They have a variety of different short films on offer, from mini-slashers to teensy bites of body horror, and we’re really excited about their project.

[via Blastr!]


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