Finally, We Find Out What George McFly’s Novel is About

As we all–yes, all of us–know, at the end of Back to the Future Part 1, George McFly becomes a successful science fiction writer. He and the family are positively radiant as the advance copies of his first novel, A Match Made in Space, arrive in the mail.

But we never really found out what the book was about…until now! New companion book Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History, out on October 20, 2015, gives extensive day-to-day details on the filming and creation of all three Back to the Future movies and that includes details that never made it into the films: like the plot to George’s novel!

The book cheekily inserts the mass market cover to A Match Made in Space into its pages. Whereas as the hardcover (which we see in the film) includes an author photo of George on the back, the paperback features a plot synopsis!

A Match Made in Space George McFly plot

First, we love that the book’s price is authentic for the time it would have been published (1986 or so).

Second, PLANET VULCAN CULVAN. This just adds further evidence to our speculation that in the Back to the Future universe, George McFly wrote episodes of the original series of Star Trek.

Third, awwww, George reworked his romance with Lorraine into a universe-saving love story. *sniffle* You did good, Marty. *sniffle* You did good.


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