Y The Last Man is (Finally!) Headed To TV!

Another comics hero is coming to a TV near you! First, FX is (finally) developing a TV-series based on Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s classic, Y the Last Man, and it might solve some of the comic’s greatest mysteries!

Y the Last Man is am early ’00s Vertigo (very, very Vertigo) series about a young man named Yorick  who discovers that all the other men and male animals have abruptly and mysteriously died. The only two Y chromosomes left on earth are him and Ampersand, a helper monkey he’s training. He has no idea how or why he and Ampersand survived, and he sets off on a quest to find his girlfriend that soon turns into a search for the truth of the mass extinction, and a fight for his continued survival. Obviously, gender roles are subverted, questioned, deconstructed, and generally exploded throughout the series, plus there’s a fair amount of classic post-apocalyptic fun, and we’re excited to see how it translates to television. We don’t know yet who will be playing the titular Last Man or the Last Monkey but Vaughan we did hint that some questions that are left unanswered in the comics series may actually be answered by the show.

So now we have Preacher coming to AMC, The Sandman in development with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Tom Hardy’s talking about 100 Bullets…come on, somebody must want The Invisibles!

[via Mary Sue!]


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