If You Only Knew the Power of the Dark Chocolate…

Combining Star Wars and chocolate is probably the most important human undertaking, and we love these desserts from Faith and Flower! The Los Angeles-based patisserie has created a limited edition mignardise board, seen above, featuring a dark chocolate Vader truffle filled with caramel, a solid chocolate Falcon, a Death Star sprinkled with gold-dust, the requisite Han-Solo-frozen-on-chocolate-carbonite, and our favorite, an absinthe candy lightsaber. The selection is the creation of F&F’s pastry chef, Josh Graves, and will be available as a secret menu item through the end of December, or, as we’ve been calling it, Force Awakens Month.

Afternoon Roundup brings you less sugary news from a galaxy far, far away, a possible genderswap for a horror icon, and Vin Diesel’s nefarious plot to level up humanity!




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