Revealing the Cover Art for’s Winter Lineup |

Revealing the Cover Art for’s Winter Lineup

In addition to our January lineup, Publishing is releasing three more great novellas in Winter 2016, and we’re excited to show off the great artwork we’ve got to match them! One story sends a rookie genrenaut on a rescue mission in deep space (following the adventures of The Shootout Solution, out November 17th). Another features a woman who literally trades in nostalgia. And in the third story, a thousand-year pursuit may finally reach its climax…

Check out all the cover art below!

All of these titles will be available worldwide in ebook, audiobook, and trade paperback.


The Absconded Ambassador (Genrenauts #2)
Michael R. Underwood
Designed by Peter Lutjen
Available February 23
Pre-order Now: iBooks | Kindle | Nook


From the catalog copy:

Fiction is more important than you think. When stories go wrong, the Genrenauts step in to prevent the consequences from rippling into our so-called real world.

When a breach is discovered in Science Fiction World, rookie genrenaut Leah Tang gets her first taste of space flight.

A peace treaty is about to be signed on space station Ahura-3, guaranteeing the end of hostilities between some of the galaxy’s most ferocious races, but when the head architect of the treaty is unexpectedly kidnapped, it’s up to Leah and her new colleagues to save the day.

At any cost.


Forest of Memory
Mary Robinette Kowal
Illustrated by Victo Ngai
Designed by Chrisitne Foltzer
Available March 8
Pre-order Now: iBooks | Kindle | Nook

forest of memory_final_outline

From the catalog copy:

Katya deals in Authenticities and Captures, trading on nostalgia for a past long gone. Her clients are rich and they demand items and experiences with only the finest verifiable provenance. Other people’s lives have value, after all.

But when her A.I. suddenly stops whispering in her ear she finds herself cut off from the grid and loses communication with the rest of the world.

The man who stepped out of the trees while hunting deer cut her off from the cloud, took her A.I. and made her his unwilling guest.

There are no Authenticities or Captures to prove Katya’s story of what happened in the forest. You’ll just have to believe her…


Pieces of Hate
Tim Lebbon
Illustrated by Gene Mollica
Designed by Christine Foltzer
Available March 15
Pre-order Now: iBooks | Kindle | Nook

piecesof hate_final

From the catalog copy:

During the Dark Ages, a thing named Temple slaughtered Gabriel’s family. A man with snake eyes charged him to pursue the assassin wherever he may strike next, and destroy him. Gabriel never believed he’d still be following Temple almost a thousand years later.

Because Temple may be a demon, the man with snake eyes cursed Gabriel with a life long enough to hunt him down. Now he has picked up Temple’s scent again. The Caribbean sea is awash with pirate blood, and in such turmoil the outcome of any fight is far from certain.

With free bonus novelette Dead Man’s Hand: In the wilderness of the American West, the assassin is set to strike again. Despite his centuries-long curse, Gabriel is still but a man, scarred and bitter. The town of Deadwood has seen many such men… though it’s never seen anything quite like the half-demon known as Temple.


And finally, here are the audiobook covers for The Absconded Ambassador and Pieces of Hate:



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