Get Hooked on Magic with The Magicians NYCC Trailer!

While Syfy showed off many of its science fiction offerings (including The Expanse and Hunters) at New York Comic-Con this weekend, it also represented for its fantasy side: The network released a new trailer for its adaptation of Lev Grossman’s The Magicians!

Life is starting for Quentin Coldwater… But where he thought that he would have to give up his childish magic tricks to go to college, instead he discovers Brakebills, a supernatural academy where magic is just one part of the curriculum: live work play study screw drink cram… drink.

This mantra, recited by Eliot, is fitting, seeing as the trailer presents magic as a drug that the Brakebills kids—and Syfy’s viewers—are invited to get hooked on. We also get more of a look into Julia, who realizes she can’t just go to Yale now that she knows this whole new world exists, and a Brakebills faculty member who seems to be turning his creepy focus to Quentin:

The Magicians is set to premiere in January 2016.


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