These Cats Believe in the Boogieman, Because He Gives Them Scritches!

Kat Philbin is an artist after our own Halloween-loving, kitty-WORSHIPPING hearts. Here we present a collection of the greatest icons of horror history cuddling some adorable little purr boxes. Above, you will see “Meowloween” which is the most perfect of perfect things. Click below for more, and check out Philbin’s site to order prints!

Texas Chainsaw Meowssacre!


Thexas Chainsaw Meowsaccre


Furraiser by Kat Philbin

Friday the Purrteenth!

Friday the Purrteenth by Kat Philbin

They’re all so cute! Head over to Philbin’s site to see more, including Freddy Krueger and a very happy Xenomorph.


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