How D’Ya Like Them Potatoes?

In The Martian, stranded astronaut Mark Watney has to rely on a fragile potato crop for survival, making him the loneliest spud boy. In a truly inspired piece of cross-promotion, Fox Studios partnered with Mail a Spud, you know, that company that sends potatoes through the mail, so that 1000 lucky fans can send each other potatoes with Mark Watney stamps on them. Now, we realize you may ave some questions. First, yes, Mail a Spud is real. Second, if you receive such a potato, do not eat it: “We do not recommend you consume the potato after it has travelled across the country inside of trucks, planes, and postal service bags,” the site’s FAQ pronounces. “It has touched a lot of germs by the time it arrives.” Third, doesn’t this waste food? Well, yes. But Mail a Spud figures it’s OK because “each spud shipped is bringing more awareness to the beauty of the potato.” Fair enough.

Afternoon Roundup brings you the odd naming conventions of Star Wars, thoughts on J.G. Ballard, and could there be new life for Flatliners?




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