Jabba, This is Your Last Chance. Free Us… or Be Deflated!

As if yesterday’s fabulous Star Trek tree ornament wasn’t enough, we bring you an inflatable Jabba the Hutt! What’s that you say? This inflatable Jabba the Hutt has nothing to do with Christmas? Well friends, we look at this vile gangster and know that we are one Santa hat away from the greatest holiday display ever created.

ThinkGeek, which has in the past given us tauntaun sleeping bags and zombie apocalypse garden gnomes, takes a bold new step into outdoor decor with this inflatable Jabba, which they describe as “intimidating on your lawn”…how can a big balloon be intimidating? Oh, hang on, it’s six feet tall and ten feet long. That’s, um, that’s a lot of Jabba. This is almost enough to make us rethink our anti-slave-Leia stance. Almost.

[via Laughing Squid!]


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