Our Robotic Surrogates Are Already Here!

Don’t want to stand in line for the new iPhone? Have a robot do it for you! California-based company Double Robotics is catering to this unique need with robots like Lucy, an iPad attached to a Segway that allows a human to be “telepresent”—that is, able to wait for the store to open and interact with the Apple Geniuses from the comfort of his/her own living room. Media agency Atomic 212 sourced a few robots so they could do just that. So, has Surrogates predicted our fate? For the time being, we are the overlords… until the robots decide to stop standing in line for us and go take over the world.

Afternoon Roundup brings you the only possible Christmas plan you can make this year, a guide to finding your place within an evil empire, and Banned Books Week swag!


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