Readers #PotterItForward for the Next Generation!

Reading Harry Potter is rarely a singular experience; even before the advent of the Internet, there were midnight release parties bringing together fans of the books. The success of Pottermore and such proves that the series’ reach extends beyond closing the back cover of The Deathly Hallows. But darn if those kids didn’t find a new way to share the Potter love! BuzzFeed Books spotted a new trend out in the wild: #PotterItForward, in which fans leave notes in library editions of the books for the next reader. Most are incredibly heartwarming, reminding future readers just starting the journey that Harry, Ron, and Hermione will become like their friends, and that even the scariest Dementors can be defeated. There are also some cheekier examples of Pottering It Forward, like this Moaning Myrtle note left in a girls’ bathroom.

Afternoon Roundup brings you hot takes on the ultra-meta new Muppets series, a Darth Vader rumor we’re not sure we’re for or against, and movie goofs that are actually canon!

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